Some call it American Ingenuity. We tend to think that our work is driven by a sense of exploration and discovery that is in all of us all over the world. With retirement after decades of work an engineer had the time to let his mind explore. With his own inventions, product acquisitions, help from some researchers and visionaries, he was able to create sensible uses for some of today's and tomorrow's most exciting technologies.

GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, Automation, Imaging, Security, Navigation, Recognition, Identification, Detection, Safety, Exploration .... What do we have to add to this list?

"Solutions, Applications, and Inventions"

This is a dynamic press release or "Blog" that will be updated with new images, links, and product announcements. Most of our time is spent in our lab tinkering with the latest gadget or out on the road testing our imaging and RFID inventions. This site will be the launching pad for the ventures born out of years of research, an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and a vision of what we can do to improve our lives through the use of existing technologies coupled with our inventions and applications.

The future is being shaped by some dedicated technology partners that have always put building quality products and sensible solutions ahead of rushing products to market.

The inventions and the work they are doing in many emerging markets is changing how people think about technology. The practical use of some of today's exciting products and the killer applications they are releasing will put real excitement back into the tech world.

If you are a corporate CEO, Technology Investor, or simply want to establish a relationship with Sensible Ventures LLC your first step is to send us an email and tell us how you can help us or how we can help you? It is with the help and support of our technology partners and investors that the work of some talented engineers will get in the hands of more and more end users. For us its all about our inventions and the products those inventions are empowering. We have kept an eye out for technology partners that we feel have what it takes to fulfill the lofty goals we have for our products. The first step for a company to show their interest will be with sponsorships in one or more of the divisions listed below. If you reading this page and think your company could be a good fit with our products please email us at to find out more about what we are working on. Everything on this page and all links within our network of products is copyrighted by Sensible Ventures. The early sponsors will be considered before others as we seek investors and partners for our inventions and products.

Gold and Silver Partner Listing: (With your help we are transformation great ideas into great products.)

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Sensible Ventures LLC is the collection of products and services from this dedicated group of engineers, visionaries, and computer scientists. The crossover of our technologies from one industry to the next and the resulting economic efficiencies is what sets us above any other company in the world.

Here are some new images posted on 5-21-2005


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The millions of images we are acquiring is just one small piece of what we are working on. Here is a list of the benefits and solutions that are, or will be coming out of the research and use of our inventive products:

Helping a sight impaired person explore new surroundings without the use of a cane or seeing eye dog.

Identify and capture a rogue sniper by using image analysis relative to GPS locations and time.

Detect ocean anomalies all over the globe with a network of sensors and communication protocols.

Alert people of imminent danger relative to their GPS location.

Reduce multiple car pileups by allowing cars to communicate with each other, warning of airbag deployments or slowing traffic ahead.

Track sensitive cargo all over the globe.

Assist and alert boats when docking in ports.

Utilize our imaging and GPS solutions to drive a new wave of Robotic Exploration and Machine Mining.

Transmit scenes of devastation and accidents across mobile repeaters to assess the appropriate levels of support.

This is what our technologies will be doing on a larger scale with the right funding and corporate partners.

The research and products represented here deserve close scrutiny if you or your company is looking to make real strides in the technology world. The power of these applications and product ideas was not evident until a group of engineers took full control of the cutting edge research and then added their own products and some engineering principles to create some of the most innovative technologies seen in the years.

From the streets in New Orleans to the snow capped mountains of Vermont.

Our think tank of engineers, computer scientists, and visionaries continue to turn out innovative solutions and invent new technologies. This desire to create and our broad range of specialties combined with the openness of our corporate culture is what powers our inventive engine.

Our products span across many industries, but at the heart of all that we do are the questions:

"How can we solve this problem?"

"What can we do to prevent this situation?"

and "Why couldn't it be done this way?"

Unfortunately the world has seen a lot of natural disasters and man-made destruction over the last 5 years. Because our company mind set is to always seek solutions to problems you will see the influence these unfortunate events have had in shaping our products with a slant toward public safety and security solutions.

"If your company is stalled in your Research and Development or your CEO wants to branch out into emerging markets you would be well advised to look through the technologies and inventions that our team of retired but dedicated engineers and visionaries have developed".


Our goal is to develop internally or match the talents of our engineers with corporate partners who have the work force and distribution channels to get our products and services to market.

For partnering and investor opportunities!

Sensible: Possessing or containing sense or reason; gifted with, or characterized by, good or common sense; intelligent; wise.

Ventures: A business enterprise involving some risk; with an expectation of a significant gain.

Our Mission:To make practical use of existing and cutting edge technologies with the intent of creating value for our investors, and sensible products for our customers.


Introduction: Some make their mark on the world by hitting home runs, serving in public office, or writing great music. We strive to leave a legacy in that which we love; electronics and inventing new technologies. It has been said that America is a country of inventors and pioneers. The ever expanding frontier of the Internet and computer technologies are changing the way we live and this is our opportunity to make a difference in the world. Born out of an insatiable thirst for knowledge, driven by an inventive engine seeking solutions to real problems, validated by years of research, testing, and hundreds of years of combined experience Sensible Ventures has produced well thought out applications. As you can see below we have been busy signing up partners, building products, and acquiring our network of companies."

Click on the Division below to see the exciting products we are working on.

What makes us different?

With many decades of experience shared among our engineers and computer scientists we have the ability to see value well ahead of our competition but venture out into markets only when real solutions can be seen for real people. It's time for common sense to play a larger part in today's new product releases, and for finding practical applications for tomorrows powerful new technologies.

Too much of the Internet boom and technology bubble was about making money. Our roots are grounded in innovation and a pioneering spirit similar to that of the early pioneers in the tech world. Like those visionaries, our driving force is inventing products in the electronic realm. We are geek's with a goal: To constantly invent better ways of using technology to solve problems and develop useful electronic gadgets and applications to make our lives safer, more productive, or simply more enjoyable.

Questions you may have:

Who are we? Group of about 20 engineers and computer scientists headed up by a retired engineer and his team of visionaries who see where the future of technology is taking us.

Why have you never heard of us? We have been too busy designing and acquiring technologies to allow the distractions of running a corporation from stifling our creativity.

What is our motivation? We're truly in it for the innovation and technology gains, solving real problems, and helping society.

How did we build a network with so many innovative solutions? Our team of researchers and engineers have openly shared the knowledge they have gained over the last 10 years to improve on existing technologies. More importantly we see where combining new technologies along with being responsive to what real people are requesting would result in sensible and practical applications of high technology. The wide array of divisions within the company is a direct result of the fields of interest and expertise each team member brings to the table and the way one person's expertise has value to other divisions.The openness of our group facilitated technology sharing that is usually not seen in small or even large companies. Our team has also acquired technologies, data, and concepts that were failing for other companies but because of their years experience knew that these technologies had merit and potential. The team then applied engineering principles and added their innovative technologies to create new commercially viable products that could be added to and enhanced by the other products in the Sensible Ventures network.

What is the exploration fund?

Seeing many useful products fail or be delayed due to inadequate funding, we have established a fund for those individuals or companies that are doing research or developing new products in the field of medical research, space exploration, emerging technologies, or other social and safety initiatives deemed helpful to society. This endeavor will be funded by a percent of the proceeds that the companies within the Sensible Ventures Network produce, and from direct contributions from our partners and private sponsors.